Using the Lionbridge Connector (Manual Workflow)

Creating a Translation Job

To access the Lionbridge Connector navigate to the Enrich view:
inRiver Portal
Select the "Create new entity" icon and select "Translation Job"
Create Translation Job entity
The Translation Job submission form opens.
Fill in information as below. (Fields marked with asterisk are required)
Job ID
This field is updated by the Connector only.
Job name*
This is the name you give the Translation Job.
This is the name that will appear in the Lionbridge Freeway portal.
Special Instructions
Enter any additional information that you wish to convey regarding the Job.
This information will appear in the Notes section in the Lionbridge Freeway portal.
P.O. reference
Enter any information that you wish to convey about the invoicing etc. This information will appear in the Lionbridge Freeway portal
Expected delivery date*
Indicate a delivery date for the job.
Note that actual translation times are based on volumes and agreements in place.
This field is updated by the Connector only. Do not manually update.
Source Language*
Select the source language for the job. Only one source language can be selected per job.
Target Language(s)*
Select the target language(s) for the job.
You cannot include the same language in both Source Language & Target Language fields.
Job Status
This field is updated by the Connector only.
Job Action
These fields do not get changed at this time. Please leave at default, (not set).

Adding Content to a Translation Job

Now you need to include the content that you wish to translate in your Draft job. To do this you can drag and drop the entities to the Translation Job.
    Have the Translation Job open with the Includes tab selected.
    In the left area, search or Query for the Entities to be translated
    Drag the selected Entities to the job. They will be place in the relevant link section based on the type of entity.
Adding Entities to Translation Job

Sending a Translation Job

    Select the Details tab.
    Select the Send for translation radio button at the bottom of the page.
    Click Save.
    Your Translation Job will be processed by the connector to include only files that need translation. This will take a few moments depending on the volume of content submitted.
Submitting Translation Job

Sending translations to Lionbridge.

    Your Translation Job will now be sent to Lionbridge and will display status of Job Sent.
    A Lionbridge Freeway ID will appear in the Job ID field.
    The Entities (Products etc) will have a status of In Translation.
    When Lionbridge Freeway picks up the job, status will update to Work in progress.
    When Lionbridge Freeway delivers the job back it will update to Job ready for import.

Importing Translation Jobs

There are 2 options for importing your translations:

1. Import the Translation Job and all languages together.

Note: When all the languages are delivered back, the status of the Translation Job will be "Job ready for import".
    Open your Translation Job and select the "Details" tab.
    In the "Action" section, select the "Import translation" radio button.
    Click Save.
    All languages will now be imported.
    The "Translation Job" status will update to "Imported"
Importing a Translation Job

2. Importing languages separately

When a Translation Job is submitted, the connector creates a "Translation Task" entity per each target language. This allows each language to have it's own translation status.
This allows you to Import each language separately if required.
    When a language is delivered back, the Translation Task status for that language will be "Ready for download"
    You will find the Translation Tasks as child links to the Translation Job.
    Open the Translation Job and select the Includes tab. Under Translation Tasks select the target language task that you wish to Import.
Translation Tasks included in a Translation job
    Select the Details tab and select the Import language radio button.
    Click Save.
Importing a language
    The language (Translation Task) you selected will now have a status of Imported.
    If there were other languages that have not yet been Imported then the Translation Job status will remain as Job ready for import until all languages are imported.
    The Entity(s) Status will remain as In translation until all languages have been Imported, then the status will be updated to Translated.
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