There are three parts that works together in the solution

PIM Standard Features

The connector uses a number of PIM standard features:
    Entities: All content that gets translated is stored in entities and fields.
    Job/Task: Jobs and Tasks are containers for the content that should be translated. They are inRiver entities containing both required and optional fields.
    Links: Links between entities creates an information structure.
    Query: The content of a job can be identified by a query, or manually selected.
    Status: The status of a Job and its content is saved in a CVL field with values representing the translation workflow.


The connector has three different types of tasks:
    Job Manager: Creates a translation job and populates it with the entities that need translation.
    Transmitter: The transmitter sends translations jobs.
    Reciever: The Reciever checks and updates the status of the translation jobs on a regular basis, and collects the job content when it is translated.


When initiating a translation request there is a Translation Job created containing general information about the translation. You then attach (link) the Entities containing the source language information to be translated. Once the job is sent, Freeway creates a sub-task for each language. The connector then creates Translations Tasks that are linked to the Translation Job. Each Task has it's own status.

Lionbridge Freeway

Freeway is Lionbridge’s online service delivery platform. Access to Freeway’s collaboration features and language technology is free for Lionbridge clients and translators. Using Freeway, our clients can initiate and track translation projects, collaborate with their project teams, manage linguistic assets, and generate enterprise budget and status reports.
Built upon the Translation Workspace language management system, Freeway can support thousands of concurrent users ensuring greater productivity and consistency among your project teams. Freeway is an on-demand web application enabling immediate addition of new users and simultaneous release of new features to all users.