Updating Connector - inRiver iPMC
Describing how to update the Lionbridge Connector version on iPMC
In Control Center Navigate to Connect -> Packages
Navigate to Packages
Select Replace, and then click on "Select file to upload"
Replacing Package
Navigate to the file location that you saved the updated LionbridgeTranslation.zip package that you recieved from Lionbridge. Click the "Upload" button.
Uploading Package
Navigate to Connect -> Extensions
Click the "Restart Service" button.
Restart Services
In each of the Lionbridge Extensions installed perform the following steps:
Select "Get Default Settings"
Get Default Settings
If there are any new Default settings, you can either accept the default value or update the values as required.
Now click the "Reload Service Settings" button.
Reload Service Settings
For Connector versions 3.4.3 or higher you can optionally now select the "Test" button to verity that the latest version is successfully installed.
Test button
A message will appear briefly on the bottom of the screen, like below:
Extension version
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