Upgrade - 6.3

Updating the connector

Updating from an earlier version of the connector requires removing the old files and replacing it with the new update files
The files that needs to be added are
    In the OutboundConnectors directory
    In the References directory
Note: log4net.dll is still required in the References directory, if you are missing the file in the 'References' directory, then go ahead and add that as well.

Updating the Language Configuration

There is a section in this article that covers updating the Language Configuration file, it can be found here.
The language configuration file has also been moved from the file system, to a setting on the outbound connector.
After converting the language configuration file, take the following steps:
    Navigate to the web interface
    Navigate to 'Publish'
    Click on the Lionbridge translation outbound connector (The name may differ from client to client, but the text under the name should always be "Lionbridge.Translation.Connector.Outbound.OutboundConnector")
    Navigate to 'Settings'
    Clear the 'propertiesFilePath' setting's value, and enter the new value 'Setting deprecated and no longer in use'. This is only to provide some context, that the setting is no longer used by the connector and can safely be removed. (This setting can only be manually removed with database access)
    Add a new setting "languageConfiguration", the value should be the contents of the Language Configuration file.
Note: Since the dependency on the 'sourceLanguages' and 'targetLanguages' CVL's CVL values to contain the inRiver language code has been moved to the new language configuration, the CVL Value for a language can now contain any value the customer sees fit, such as user friendly name of the language.

SQL Scripts

Remove deprecated propertiesFilePath connector setting

DELETE FROM [DATABASE_NAME].[dbo].[ConnectorSettings] WHERE ([ConnectorId]='CONNECTOR_ID' AND [Key]='propertiesFilePath');

Remove deprecated languageConfiguration connector setting

DELETE FROM [DATABASE_NAME].[dbo].[ConnectorSettings] WHERE ([ConnectorId]='CONNECTOR_ID' AND [Key]='languageConfiguration');
    Replace DATABASE_NAME with the name of the database.
    Replace CONNECTOR_ID with the name of the connector.
Name of the connector can be find in the web UI