Using the Lionbridge Connector (Automatic workflow)
NOTE - This section is currently only valid for v3.1.x & v3.2.2. Newer version use Criteria method for Automatic job


For Connector versions 3.3.x and above Automated submissions are configured using Criteria Configuration.


To automatically select content for translation you need to create a query. The Query can be designed in any way you prefer, but the default is to find entities with a Translation Status = Need translation.
Name the query something like "EntitiesNeedTranslation" (or any other name you set up in the Job Manager). As the Connector has a hard coded criteria that entity type matched in the query must also have a status of Need translation, you do not need to include this criteria in the actual query.
Example here shows a Query that looks for Products, so any Product that gets assigned status of Need translation will automatically be selected for Translation.

Selection of Content

    Select a Product that is not already translated for your default target language, or edit the content for this Product.
    Select the Need translation radio button.
    Click Save.
    An Automatic Translation Job will be created (subject to polling interval set-up) and sent to Lionbridge Freeway

Sending and Receiving translations from Lionbridge Freeway

    Your Automatic Translation Job will now be sent to Lionbridge and will display status of Job Sent.
    A Lionbridge Freeway ID will appear in the Job ID field.
    The Entities (Products etc) will have a status of In Translation.
    When Lionbridge Freeway picks up the job, it will update to Work in progress.

Importing Jobs

When Lionbridge Freeway delivers the job back it will be Imported automatically and status will show as Imported.
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